Of Sundays and Mondays…

Thinking back about my school time, one thing i remember clearly is how much free time i used to have. Our classes would start at 7am and finish at 12pm, after that, i had the whole afternoon and evening free to do my homework, hang out with friends, play with my band, climb trees, surf, draw my RPG maps and so on. I had so much free time that the weekends seemed like a big holiday, something to be celebrated with all the friends together, football at the beach, playing video games or doing short travels around the county.

Since i started working full time back in mid 2010, my routine has obviously changed a lot, but ┬ásince we humans come with a lovely perk called Adapt, it wasn’t a difficult task to get used. Monday to Saturday, waking up at 5:30am, starting work at 8am, finishing at 6pm and going bed at 10pm. I really like my work and by no means i am complaining about it. This is actually me, realising how i have praised Sundays for the past two years. Now, i do most of those things i used to do on my free week days at school time, but all in a single day, the Sunday. Ride my bike early in the morning, go surfing for a couple of hours, cook with my mother, play games, listen to music in the back room, walk around my town and lay on a rock to see the sunset. That’s ┬ábasically it. And i love it. All of that gives me a lot of disposition and will to wake up early on Monday and start it all over again.

I could not help analysing this after a chat i had with some friends and hearing one of them mentioning Sundays being a very dull and boring day with nothing interesting going on, and after this dull Sunday there is a Monday. And how she found it weird the fact i see Sundays and Mondays in a totally opposite way. But then, we all have different routines and things to do, days we enjoy more than others (?)… I don’t know.

What are your thoughts about Sundays/Mondays?

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