Of 39 hours travelling

Tuesday morning, 7am, all packed and starting my journey. First flight, from Aracaju to Salvador, 30 minutes of duration, long enough to eat this single chocolate which was given by the staff. Arriving at Salvador at 8:15 feeling very excited, picked up my bag and went to find a good spot to charge my ,faithful but nearly dying company, the iPod and also eat something. Not long i walked and i found a good place just by an electric socket, the place was very empty due for being very early i guessed, so there i stayed for … hmmm… many hours. My flight to Lisbon was scheduled to depart at 17:25, so i headed to the queue at 15:30, as i walked i passed by this massive queue until i get to my company’s queue, there i was informed that my flight had a short delay of three precious hours, meaning that that massive queue back there was MY queue too. So there goes Maha, walking back to the end of the line (we’ve all been to the end of a line before, right?), walked, walked, and walked… Stopped, and waited, waited and … waited. After two hours and 45 minutes of short steps i reached the end of the line and done my check in receiving a R$30 voucher to spend as i wished inside the airport. I got new socks, Kit kat bars and water, because those three elements are never too much.

So hey, there was Maha again, waiting a little bit more. Walked around until i knew the airport ways by head and went back to find my “hot” spot, which was taken, together with all the sits in the food area.

I walked around a bit more until someone decided to leave, so i rushed and got the sit… Looked at my watch and it was time to go to the boarding gate already, dah! Went to the gate and saw that now the flight was scheduled to depart at 20:05… To resume this a bit, we only departed at 20:30, changing my whole plans of having lunch in Hamburg and spend the afternoon over there and so on…

Lisbon Airport

The flight to Lisbon was fine, one of the four sits near mine in the middle of the airplane was not being used, so half of my body shared it with half of this kid’s legs when sleeping. I slept all the way through as i expected. Arriving in Lisbon at around 9:00 (local time) and 31ºC, i shared another beloved and extensive queue with a whole lot of people to get our passports checked. At the counter, the bloke stare at me for a while, then to my passport… And ask the following questions in this same order. What will you be doing here? Where are you going from here? When will you return? Are you going to Oktober Fest? o.O ??? OK. 90 days visa.

Since i had my first flight delayed, my connection flight had to be re scheduled, from 7:30 to 18:15 😀 ha ha. So i waited. Gosh, i love this word… But NOT!

Lisbon Airport

Anyway, i got to use Euros again, in this café. Had a tuna “triangulo”, and an orange juice… Then headed to the boarding gates and started reading a book. Time passed and i was boarding again, at the scheduled time.

Flying above somewhere in Spain


Now i write from within the airplane, sun is still up and behind us, a while ago i had clear views of the land which seemed to be fields and hills, now it is more cloudy, but still a little visible underneath, we got to some higher mountains, i don’t know what place it is because the screens with the map is playing some food documentary… Just as the food is being served…

Hmmm.. Pear, Water and Twix…

I will go now and rest bit more , but before, some facts about orange juice:

In Salvador it costs R$6, tastes like orange juice

In Lisbon it costs €3,75 (the most expensive drink of the menu), and it tasted like boxed orange juice, even though i saw the real (?) oranges being squeezed. They also put sugar in it, so if you don’t drink with sugar, make sure to ask before.

Always have napkins with you.