Sometimes we make plans about traveling the world so much that we end up forgetting the nice places around us, just a few streets away. Thinking about this reminded me of a few short trips i done around my town last year. On every sunday i would grab my camera and my bicycle and let the wheels take me somewhere i haven’t explored yet, this became a sunday habit and every week i would be looking forward to find a new spot for the next ride.

Camera and bike set, cashew nuts, dried apricot and water on reserve, onwards i went. I decided to go to the outskirts of the town, following a rarely used sandy road which would lead to where the mangrove meets the river. On the way i met with my mother and stepfather which decided to come along on their bikes too.

Where mangrove meets river

View from mangrove to the city across the river

Dead roots and Aracaju across the river

This area is not very far from town, but due for it’s difficult access, not many people adventure in these parts, leaving it untouched and quiet.

Even though not many people come to this part of the beach, it stills get damaged by the trash that people throw in the river, making the life of small creatures that live there a bit more difficult.


But still, another nice ride and discovery in a typical brazilian sunny day. And i plan to go back there in a few months to see how it changed.

How about you? Do you explore the unexplored just at the corners of your town? Share your experiences 😉