April’s Playlist

1 • Stam1na – Nocebo
2 • Oceansize – Effloresce
3 • Porcupine Tree – The Sky Moves Sideways
4 • Deftones – Deftones
5 • Pinback – Blue Screen Life
6 • Ravi Shankar – Bridges
7 • Steven Wilson – Grace For Drowning
8 • Gazpacho – March Of Ghosts
9 • Cocteau Twins – Heaven Or Las Vegas
10 • Mark Lanegan Band – Blues Funeral


Grayscale São Paulo

This past weekend (20th to 22nd) i was visiting the city of São Paulo to attend to Steven Wilson’s last concert in south america for the Grace For Drowning tour. The last time i visited São Paulo was in 2004, for a tattoo festival, but somehow i don’t have many clear memories of those few days i stayed there, apart from seeing a lot of nice tattoos, great tattoo artists and meeting Derrick Green from Sepultura.

Arriving on late friday night didn’t give me much opportunity to walk around, instead, me and my travel mate Sapo, just hopped from one metro to another until we reached the house we were staying.

The next morning, woke up and looked outside the window to be greeted with a nice Paulista Sky…

Grayscale São Paulo

Grayscale São Paulo 2
Under that sky and a nice temperature of 17ºC, we decided to go out and have a look around at the few shops that remained open even though it was a holiday. We didn’t walk very far until our first stop to grab some coffee and head to Livraria Cultura. That’s where fun begun and that’s where we spent many hours of our day. Only there i realized it was Record Store Day and all records were on discount price, so i went on a hunt for some desired albums. An hour later and there was i, holding all these nice scented CDs, knowing i would have to leave some of them behind otherwise i would’t have any money left for the rest of the weekend. Ended up with these two gorgeous albums.

Treats From Record Shop Day

Opeth's Heritage & Radiohead's Amnesiac

Our next stop was at Apfel, a cosy vegetarian restaurant that offered many varieties and a friendly price. With our bellies filled with leaves and veggies, we went for a quite long walk at the Avenida Paulista seeing all sorts of things and people while a light rain poured on us. This same rain kept us company until it was time to head to the venue where the concert took place.

Walk, metro, walk, walk and walk a bit more, and there i was, seeing THE Steven Wilson and his amazing band performing a brilliant show a couple of metres from me and a not so crowded venue.
As i entered the venue, Bass Communion’s 16 Second Swarm was already playing through the quadrophonic sound system while Grace For Drownings photographs were being projected on the curtains just before the band starts…

Steven Wilson 1

They performed many songs from both, Insurgentes and Grace For Drowning albums, including the 23 minutes long Raider II, Abandoner, No Twilight Within the Courts of the Sun, Harmony Korine, Postcard, and my Grace For Drowning favourite, Like Dust I Have Cleared From My Eye. Also a brand new track entitled Luminol. As for the first encore they played Get All You Deserve wearing these really cool masks. And for the second encore, Steven came back alone to have a little chat with the crowd and perform Lazarus and Trains to leave me even more euphoric and in a state of disbelief.

When he definitely left the stage and the curtains went down, we listened to more Bass Communion to clean our ears, this time with A Grapefruit in the World of Park. Amazing concert.

Steven Wilson 2

Sunday. More rain. Long wait for the bus. And fly back home. A great weekend.

Grayscale São Paulo 3

Sapo e Yo

Sapo e Iolanda

Thanks Iolanda for hosting and taking us around, was great seeing you and Sapo for making me realize i shouldn’t miss this concert and for the great company.

March’s Playlist

1 • Regina – Soita Mulle
2 • Plutonium 74 – Peittoalueen Ulkopuolella
3 • Foals – Total Life Forver
4 • Steven Wilson – Grace For Drowning
5 • Metronomy – The English Riviera
6 • Blackfield – II
7 • Soen – Cognitive
8 • Bombay Bicycle Club – I Had the Blues but I Shook Them Loose
9 • Bass Communion – Bass Communion II
10 • Screaming Trees – Dust